Monday, March 1, 2010


After spending a good 3 months worrying that my Maisy would never sleep in crib, I finally worked up the courage to give it a try. (I've had nightmares that she would be taking her papasan swing to college.)

And just like that, she was sleeping in her crib. I guess things are never as difficult as I imagine them to be. (Example: Afton giving up her paci, potty-training, adjusting to two kiddos- all of them- not so hard!)

We are also taking on 'sleeping through the night'.  Maisy was down to just one night feeding and had been sleeping through the night every couple of days. So as of a week ago, we've cut out the night feeding and are working on not getting up. She's had pretty good success, with a few rough nights too. But I am hoping that she'll be a pro in a week or so.

Afton's social schedule has blossomed in the past two weeks. All of the kiddos in her class turn 4 in Feb, Mar, April. So we are on the birthday party circuit. We have been to Little Gym, Safari Park and a house party where the family hired a face painter. Afton loved choosing the design and then holding sooo still while the paint was applied.

Jessie and Luke were in town this weekend. Mimi brought them by on Saturday morning to visit. It was so fun to see how much Luke has grown since New Year's. Can you believe that I am surrounded by all of these blondes?! :) I think Maisy is going to join their team too- look how much lighter her hair is getting. Eeekk!

And yippee for me! My chairs are done. I LOVE them so much. Don't you adore the cozy rug too? Of course Jeff and Michael had to try them out. They felt such fancy chairs called for smoking jackets and pipes. But since none could be found, they settled on a deep conversation about global warming and the state of our economy. Ha!

Finally today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary! I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful provider, my best friend, a loving father, and a truly good, kind man. Love you lots Jeff!


  1. Congrats on 7 years!! Your new chairs are awesome! And, I just LOVE that pictures of Maisy and Afton on your blog header. So cute!

  2. Oh my goodness, Sam, the pics of the girls are so cute! Kudos to you for the conversion to the crib - yay! Where did you get your chairs recovered? I have some that have been thinking about doing. Yours look great!! - Laura

  3. such a sweet post with such newsy info! the chairs look great and the crawfish in the background is too cute!!! i love staying up to date with ya'll.


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