Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Pictures

We loved all the snow- can you believe we got about 12 inches?! Here are some photos of the morning it first started coming down, Thursday. We played and then got ready and went to school.

Afton was dying to make a snow angel, catch snowflakes on her tongue, have a snowball fight, and make a snowman. (Ideas courtesy of "Max and Ruby"- the snow episode) We did it all! 

Maisy and I stayed outside about 20 minutes. She seemed to like it. May have been because her snowsuit was so comfy. 

After we dropped her at school, we had to turn around and go back up. The snow really started coming down, so they moved her Valentine's Party to the morning because they planned on closing school. Jeff drove us up for the party and then we brought Afton home. 

Coming home from school. Everyone loves a snow day!

Even though it is sunny today and is supposed to be 60 by Friday, we are holding on to the fun from those days. A large 'dino egg' made from snow now resides in our freezer. 

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