Thursday, April 9, 2015

March 2015

March was a fun month! We had a little fun with St.Patrick's Day-- gotta love being a Conner girl :)

Maisy enjoyed being outside again- I think we all needed warm weather and sunshine! 

Afton performed in the Talent Show at school. She was awesome! She and a few MP friends performed a dance/cheer to "Its A Hard Knock Life". 

Afton also started playing Volleyball. Such a fun sport! 

The girls and I had some tasty 'day dates' :) I always thought I would be 'less busy' when they got in school. But now I feel like the need me more and more. (and that's a pretty good feeling!)

Maisy dressed up as a golfer for sports day-- who knows, maybe she will play one day! 

And she got her first modeling job. As Cinderella no less. 

It was a good month. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a really good Easter. Maisy had an egg hunt at school.

At home we had lots of family time. The girls and I made some crafts.

On Easter day we hosted lunch and an egg hunt.

Happy Easter!

Afton Turns 9

Afton's 9th Birthday lasted about a week :) We started with a handmade birthday shirt, a special visit to her school for Fitness Friday and a birthday lunch.

The morning of her actual birthday, she declared "I Feel Taller!" :) as she opened family gifts and cards.

And on that evening, her all 'Pop Star' birthday wishes came true as we hosted a big Pop Star Birthday Party!

I made the invites myself using

Both the girls dresses up like Pop Stars.

When the guests arrived, they walked the "hot pink carpet" to the front door. They were presented with a 'backstage pass' to wear. Then they visited the 'hair/make-up' table for a little rock star treatment.

Next they took turns posing in our Barbie Rock Star Box. I saw this on Pinterest and Afton begged me to make it. I used two short wardrobe boxes that we had in the attic and taped them together. Then we cut the shape and painted the exterior with hot pink paint. The interior is lined with wrapping paper. I had a few props sitting near the Barbie Box- sunglasses and inflatable guitars. The girls knew just what to do! (I later printed off these photos and enclosed them in the thank you notes that we mailed to each girl.)

After pizza and fruit kabobs, the party entertainer arrived.

We had her for an hour and half. She played games, did glitter tattoos, and made balloon wands for each girl. The girls spent a lot of time signing on the microphone and dancing too!

At the end, we sang 'happy birthday' and ate cake.

Each girl went home with a 'swag bag'- it contained a glitter microphone, a Ring Pop, and a Rock Star slap bracelet. The girls also took home their neon hair extensions and backstage passes :)

It was a fun party for all and at the end, my Pop Star Barbie even found her Ken!

Afton has grown into such a lovely young lady. We couldn't ask for a better daughter, sister or friend. We are so proud of all the new activities she is trying, the things she is learning, and the kind person that she is to her friends and family. We love you Afton! 

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