Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Afton has loved the idea of having 9 whole days off from school. We have kept busy with trips to ICE! at the Gaylord, storytime at the library, a day at the FW Science Museum, and an evening at the Gift of Lights at Texas Motor Speedway.

 But nothing beats time at home- hanging out with family, riding bikes, playing Wii, relaxing in pajamas, baking for Thanksgiving and decorating the Christmas tree. 

We even tried "Amelia Bedilia's" recipe for apple pie. Success!

On Thanksgiving day we went to Mimi's house. The weather was perfect for playing with cousins outside. Afton, Maisy, Luke and Analeigh know how to have fun!

Maisy and Analeigh share the same interests... babies and cell phones.

My mom and Dave came out to Mimi's too. I am so thankful to have family close by.

Afton is thrilled that her sister and cousins are big enough to play with her. She is really good with the little ones.

 Maisy had the most fun running from me- she loves a good game of chase- and she is getting fast!

While we waited for the turkey to cook...

Afton finally mastered the monkey bars :)

Dinner was delicious- the meal consisted of friend turkey, Paula Dean's mac-n-cheese, sausage stuffing, sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, rolls, cranberries, honey baked ham, stuffed mushrooms, funeral potatoes, El Paso cheese grits, corn casserole and more!

After we ate, the kiddos fished and ran around the back yard.

We finished the evening with dessert and headed home- tummies and hearts both equally full.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Movin' and Shakin'

Now that Afton is in school all day long, she really looks forward to coming home and getting outside.  Since she learned to ride on 'two wheels' back in September, her favorite thing to do is ride. 

Jeff and I got new bikes last spring. And Miss Maisy rides on the back of my bike in a baby seat. The four of us spend a lot of time cruising the neighborhood and riding to the park. 

And with her new balance skills, Afton has gotten really good on her scooter. She likes to shoot down the neighbor's driveway- little dare devil! 

Maisy thinks this is especially exciting!

And when she's not biking, Afton is developing a love of running. **I'm so proud!**
She and I did  the 1 Mile Fun Run at her school a few weeks ago.

Maisy, my usual running partner, decided to sit this one out.

Afton ran the entire way and completed the race under 15 minutes.

 She sprinted the end and even received a medal and blue ribbon for finishing.  I love this kid's energy and enthusiasm!

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