Friday, November 22, 2013

Cheerleading - Mustang Panther Style

Our relationship with MP cheer continues! Over the summer, I was recruited to be the Assistant Director and sit on board for MP Cheer. So we all signed up for a third season. 

It kicked off with cheer camp. This year the girls did more dancing along with the cheers. Afton loves to dance! And Maisy was there through it all :) 

We ordered cheer buckets for the girls to sit on during break and to hold their gear.

Afton loved her squad. We had 17 girls in our sweet group!

Practices were held at CHHS. The girls were happy and enthusiastic every Monday.

We held a mid-season camp with the High School cheerleaders. The little girls loved the big girls.

And one day on our way home from cheer, we spied this bus. Yes that is US~!

One of my favorite parts of the season was the Homecoming Parade. The girls danced to 'Hey Mickey' and walked the route. Love the ears!

Maisy had a special bond with the girls too. They called her our 'lil mascot'.

The last game we played under the big lights at Dragon Stadium. Maisy cheered the entire 4th quarter with the team ;)

We ended the season with trophies and Fro-Yo.

The 'coaches' kids :)

Tiffany -- my cheer partner in crime!

We'll be back again next year!
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