Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cowboys Stadium

School has gone well all week long. I have to admit getting up so early has been an effort. Who knew our preschool schedule was so great?! But Maisy and I have been able to get a lot done each day- considering we are ready to rock and roll after we drop Afton off at 7:40 :)

This week will be a bit different because now Afton will be on her 'real school schedule'- going from 7:45- 2:45. No more half days. But my positive girl is excited to eat lunch at school and buy her first cafeteria meal. Being in Kindergarten, her lunch time is at 10:30! Luckily, they have an afternoon snack at 12:30.

I have been pleasantly surprised how well Afton has adjusted to the new school and new friends. I managed to sink myself into a horrible funk- sobbing each day. But I am hoping to be more like Afton this week and make the best of our new adventure.


On Saturday the Grapevine Colleyville Texans played at Cowboys Stadium. Afton and her squad got to cheer too. We had a great time touring the stadium and locker rooms.

Striking a pose with Daddy...

and then sweet Maisy Lou wanted a turn. 

Before our game started, Afton threw the ball around with the cutest little 3 year old boy.

I love a cheerleader that can throw the ball too!

Finally the game started. Afton was lucky enough to have a complete entourage (family) who came to see her cheer at the big game. We had a blast watching our little girl perform with her squad.

 This was my 'cheering debut' too- I am coaching her squad this year :)

The game was a success and we are 'fired up' for a fabulous season. 
Hope you have a 'spirited' week!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Afton goes to Kindergarten

Well the first day was finally here. Afton was surprised she had to get up so early! But she was smiling and excited.

She got dressed in a new outfit and picked out an accessory- a denim vest :) Maisy of course dressed for the occasion too. It's not everyday your sister starts Kindergarten!  After a quick breakfast of Shredded Mini Wheats and strawberries, we decided to take a few photos outside.

Maisy wanted in on the fun too...

Mind you, Maisy is not actually going to school. But she seemed to enjoy pretending :)

Finally Daddy got in on a few too.

We arrived at school and snapped a few more of course!

And when we picked her up, all smiles! It was great first day. 

She can't wait to go back tomorrow.  And you will be happy to know that I didn't cry at all... today :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Texan Cheer

"What about, what about, what about our color shout?!"

 This year Afton will be cheering for the Texans! The cheer program is part of the Grapevine Colleyville Youth Football Association. All week long she had camp at the high school- such a trooper cheering out in this crazy heat. It was so fun watching her learn the cheers and make new friends.

The girls will have cheer practice each week and then preform weekly at the games. And guess who's coaching - me! I couldn't miss an opportunity to be with my girl. 

At the end of the camp, the girls performed their cheers. Then they were each presented with a medal. The Cheer Coordinator told Afton she was proud of her for using such a big loud voice and always having a smile :)

The ice cream truck showed up too and each girl got an ice cream cone- even Maisy. It was pretty much a perfect night for Afton.

Think Maisy likes ice cream? Ha!

I bet by the end of the season, Maisy might know all the cheers too.

Tomorrow morning we start Kindergarten. We are excited for new adventures and a great year!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fort Walton Beach, Florida 2011

We took the girls to the beach last week. It was Maisy's first 'official beach trip' and a great way to wrap up summer before Afton heads off to Kindergarten.

**I made a movie of our trip (lots of pics and video)- it is about 12 minutes long. Click on this link if you are interested:) Otherwise enjoy a few photos below!

Since I don't like to be limited in what I bring- I am a chronic overpacker- we decided to drive. On the way down we stopped in Louisiana for dinner and stayed the night at a hotel. I was thrilled to see my friend Nichole and her family. They are expecting their third daughter soon.

The next morning we grabbed a quick breakfast at Cafe du Monde and then drove the rest of the way into Florida.

This year we stayed at the Waterscape Resort. It is actually in Fort Walton Beach, just a few miles away from Destin. I loved the pool amenities, the convenience, and service there.

Each day we spent hours on the beach. Maisy was not a huge fan of 'sandy hands' and preferred to stay under the umbrella.

Afton was a dare-devil. I couldn't get her (or Jeff) out of the ocean!

While in Florida we ate out each night and even took a sunset walk on the beach. I love the white sand.

My friend, Erin who owns Splendor Photography, happened to be in the Destin area at the same time. So she took photos of our family. I'll share those soon!

On the way home we drove straight through. The girls were so good- happily watching movies, coloring and napping. It was the perfect, relaxing vacation.

And the memories of our trip made it worth the drive :)

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