Monday, May 28, 2012

May- here and gone!

I can't believe June is almost here. So this post is a bit long, because it includes all of May!

Afton finishes school on Thursday, and then she will be a First Grader!! Eek! With the end of the year approaching, Kindergarten has been lots of fun.

First it was Field Day.
 Click over to the blog to see a clip from the day.

Then we went up to school to see her do a small presentation in class, receive a Reading Award, and attend the Kindergarten picnic. It is amazing how much she has grown up this year. 

Maisy finished the year in MOPS with Perfect Attendance. She was awarded this star. :) 

 She has been keeping busy doing the usual things, playing and smiling!

I can't get enough of this silly 2 year old girl! Click over to see a blog of her lunch routine.

For Mother's Day we took Grammy to get a pedicure and then came home for a family BBQ.

The next weekend, we met Mimi, Aunt Jenn, Danny and Analeigh at the Gaylord for a little 'stay-cation'.

And then we did a bit of birthday celebrating, I turned 32. Wow.

And finally, this past weekend, we had a little backyard party for Memorial Day.

I think we are ready for summer!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's A Hard Knock Life

Around here, we've been doing a lot of this...She has been doing a great job- I am so proud of her :)

And enjoying more of the beautiful weather

Kindergarten is almost over for Afton. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. She has turned into such a big girl too.

And I have been running. My friends and I did "Heels and Hills". It was not a 'personal record' day for me, but it was a fun run anyway. Well if you think running 13.1 miles in 85 degree weather is fun :)

Finally, if you are needing a good laugh, watch this. It's Maisy's current favorite song:)

Happy times!
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