Monday, October 10, 2016

The Conner Family goes to Oregon

This post will never do this trip justice. I don't think I can type any words that describe this trip. I only hope that the photos will help me remember how it all felt. Because it was just amazing.

 We hiked.
Trails in Portland

Maisy needed some help :) 

The Falls

We loved this place. 

So green. 

We walked with Jeff down memory lane.
Jeff's old high school 
We made new friends.
We found a cat!! 
We were brave.
The River Rafting Trip- it was so pretty! No photos on the boat. Which is good that I didn't bring my phone because I ended up falling out of the boat. 
We visited family.

We got to see Taylor, Doc & Diana! 
We walked in the tree tops.

Maisy surprised us all with her bravery, skills, and endurance. 

We were feeling pretty brave & strong after climbing through the trees (and not falling!)

We marveled at the size of  the mountains.

We went out to dinner and wore jeans in July!!

We hung out.

Biggest cinnamon roll ever. 
We saw things that we never saw before.

Heading down to Cannon Beach. 

This was the BEST part of the trip. It was just us down there. 

And we laughed in the face of danger!
After the tide started rising quickly, we had to scramble to find a way up. We felt pretty panicked- especially when we realized there was no way back up. And then we saw a snake.
So this photo was taken right after we realized we weren't going to drown. 
We also just laughed... a lot.

We pretended to be warm, when we were really cold.

And we supported the local surf shop by spending lots of money on sweatshirts.

We had fires on the beach.

And lived the 'surf life'... for a few minutes until we got cold.

We stopped and smelled the roses (or in this case- hydrangeas).

We were in awe of our surroundings.

We did Portland.

 Jeff got a hamburger from his favorite restaurant as a kid. 

And earned our donuts by walking about 10 miles in one day.

We savored every moment.

And now we have the memories to look back on. What a trip!
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