Tuesday, September 30, 2014

American Girl Doll + Maisy

Children give us the chance to be little again.

For the past year, Maisy has been asking to get a real American Girl doll. So with her 5th birthday just days away, I got to help her wish come true.  We drove out to Dallas to find her the perfect doll. It's a toss-up who had more fun at the American Girl store...

Maisy adopted this sweet doll, who she lovingly named "Caroline". Maisy chose her because she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She also got to pick out a fancy outfit and take her doll to lunch.

Of course she is taking her job as 'American Girl doll owner' very seriously. Her bookshelf has been transformed into a home just for Caroline and her sister "Kit". (Kit was the American Girl doll Afton got when she turned five.) 

And Caroline has yet to leave her side. So far, she has been to Pre-K, cheer practice and shopping at Market Street. I am excited to see what other adventures she gets to have with Maisy. 

Happy Early Birthday Maisy Lou!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bible Presentation

At our church, 3rd Grade is when you are presented with your very own 'big' bible. I still have my bible from childhood and I had given it to Afton to use. So she was thrilled that she would receive her very own bible- that had her name in it :)

The ceremony was held outside before church. You can see Maisy and Molly watching the event from their seats :) 

Each child introduced themselves and said something that they enjoy doing. 'I'm Afton Conner and I like to draw!' Pastor Meredith Bell is a special friend, I am so glad she was there! 

There are so many church friends we have known since preschool. 

Afton and Landry (plus the rest of the 3rd grade class) proceeded into big church where they sat together and were recognized during the service. I hope someday, Afton will pass her bible to her own daughter. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

GrapeFest 2014

When you go the fair... 

There is lemonade 


Sweet desserts

Flowers for pretty girls 

And a really tall guy dressed up like a bunch of grapes. 

Fun times! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Season begins...

Our sports kicked off this weekend! First, soccer for Maisy and Jeff. The Unicorns have reunited. (A few weeks ago we held a party to get everyone excited for the season. ) And now, armed with new pink jerseys, a team mascot and cool socks--- the Unicorns are ready to dominate the U5 division of CSA. Despite record high temperatures and intolerable humidity, they rocked their first game.

Water balloons were distributed at the end of the game to celebrate. Watch out Coach!

Next, it was time to cheer. Both girls suited up and sprayed their hair with glitter for the occasion. 

The girls cheered less than one quarter before lightening and severe weather sirens ended the game. But they had fun while it lasted. 

There's always next week! And who knows-- by then it might actually be cooler ;) 

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