Thursday, September 4, 2014

We love Pre-K

The night before school started her teacher sent her a special note and this magic 'ready confetti' to put under her pillow. Maisy's eyes lit up when she heard the words 'magic'!

The next morning, this kid was ready to go!

After a quick slice of toast, an episode of "Sophia the First" and a photoshoot, we were off. 

Lots of nervous moms and kids in the parking lot at preschool, but this girl was cool as a cucumber. It's her last year in preschool, so technically she is a 'senior' on this campus :) 

In our opinion, we got the very best teachers! 

They sent me this photo about an hour into school... Maisy snapping pics of her friends with this 'pretend' camera. Love it! 

One more blessed year at our church school. Feeling thankful for our sweet life :) 

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