Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Season begins...

Our sports kicked off this weekend! First, soccer for Maisy and Jeff. The Unicorns have reunited. (A few weeks ago we held a party to get everyone excited for the season. ) And now, armed with new pink jerseys, a team mascot and cool socks--- the Unicorns are ready to dominate the U5 division of CSA. Despite record high temperatures and intolerable humidity, they rocked their first game.

Water balloons were distributed at the end of the game to celebrate. Watch out Coach!

Next, it was time to cheer. Both girls suited up and sprayed their hair with glitter for the occasion. 

The girls cheered less than one quarter before lightening and severe weather sirens ended the game. But they had fun while it lasted. 

There's always next week! And who knows-- by then it might actually be cooler ;) 

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