Friday, December 31, 2010

Family Time

Lots of good times during Christmas break. Jeff had time off and we've had pretty good weather too. Here's what we did to fill our days.

Going to the park.

 A special bowling date with Afton. She was really good- 2 mph and bumpers- she almost beat me!

Playing Rapunzel with Vivi.
 Lots and lots of playing at home. This was the day the girls decided they needed to try on cowboy boots.

 And I just have to share these. This is  how Maisy's hair looks when she wakes up in the morning. Honestly! Now that is some hair.

Next week we get back in the swing of things. But I have loved these days- all 4 of us home together.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with the Conner's

We had such a happy Christmas this year. Personally, I think each year gets better :)

The girls are so sweet to each other. Every day Afton would take an ornament off the tree and tell Maisy about it. Then she would carefully re-hang it for me. 

 Afton oohhed and awwed about the packages, speculating about the contents. Maisy listened carefully. I was surprised how gentle she was with the tree and presents. Nothing was broken or opened early.

On Christmas Eve we went to church with our family. Then everyone came back to our house for a yummy itallian dinner and a visit from a special guest.

So excited to have Amanda and Preston here for Christmas.

Maisy was quite serious. She is not a fan of Santa this year.

This year, Afton was 'in' on the secret about Grandpa dressing as Santa for our party. She knew the real Santa was busy making toys and delivering them. So Grandpa had to help out!

Kids at Christmas!

Santa brought Afton a "Toy Story 3" character set. Jesse is her favorite.

Sklyar and Lex gave Afton a beautiful pink ballerina dress. She immediately put it on and wore it for the rest of the party.

Showing off the dress :)

Skylar helped Afton sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn. Those reindeer love glitter and oats!

My 'Sugar Plum Fairy'.

Poor Maisy, not happy about "Ho-Ho".
The next morning, Afton was up around 7:30 to see what Santa brought- a new bike, a jumping baby, and an 'easy bake oven'. Maisy woke up around 8 am and was delighted to find a new bike and baby doll.

My sweet family.

My Dad and Tricia joined us at 9am for more present opening.

I am opening my Michael Kors watch :)

Singing Rapunzel- Afton got a lot of Rapunzel gifts.

Matching babies- oh how I love Santa!

It was sooo cold outside, but new bikes have to be ridden.

 We finished the day by visiting Mimi, GranDanny, and Jeff's sisters. Then we went to my mom's for Christmas dinner and gift exchange. The girls loved playing with their aunts and uncles- and all of their new toys.

We came home, played a few rounds of "Uno Moo" and then tucked everyone in bed. What a wonderful, blessed Christmas we had!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Counting Down

Counting down the days til Christmas...
Decorating around our home. (More pics here.)
Trimming the tree.

Baking for friends and family.

Taking in the lights and music on Main Street.

 Peeking in on Santa.

 Spending time with loved ones :)

 Opening a few presents early...

Christmas can be exhausting!

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