Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cheer Mom (NCA 2016)

I think I have become 'one of those women'. You know those people who put make-up on their little girls, tease their hair and pull them out of school for competitions. Jeff says he thinks I am living out my childhood dreams of being a cheerleader through my child. And maybe part of me is. But this kid-- she is a nut for this stuff! So I don't think any harm is being done :)

Afton had NCA this past weekend and it was quite an experience. Leading up to the competition, her team practiced every day. There were fun dress-up themes to keep things interesting.

Friday we headed to Dallas for the competition. There were 25,000 athlete competing. It is the largest cheer competition in the world. And we were in the middle of it. (With Afton's new selfie stick!)

Day 1 counted for 25% of their score. And they had several deductions due to stunts not going up. (Afton's stunts all went up! But you win as team, and lose as a team right?!)

The girls were a bit bummed, but they all rallied for Day 2. And I literally cried watching them. This team hit their routine perfectly. And they knew it.

We hung around and socialized while waiting for the awards. This group of women and their daughters have become our dear friends. I feel like they are a blessing to Afton and me.

At the awards, the girls team placed 8th. Out of 8th. It was a BIG bummer. The reason? Compared to the other teams,  their routine was not a difficult (therefore eligible for less points coming in) and those deductions on Day 1. But the girls found lots of reasons to celebrate-- they have accomplished so much as a team! And it has been such a fun journey this season. And it's not even over yet.

Until then-- I am embracing my "Cheer Mom" status and happy to be considered a "Dance Mom" too.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentines Parties 2016

For Valentines parties, we hosted a 'friend crafting party at our house'. The girls got to make crafts, eat snacks and play. It was really cute.

Then for school, both the girls had fun class parties. Maisy's was a tea party, complete with dancing.

 Afton's was an 'emjoi' themed party ;)


Valentine's is such a fun holiday. It really needs an entire month-- not just one day! 

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