Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sam turns 38, Field Day & Wolf Fest, Memorial Day

There is only one place I love to eat on my birthday- Joe T's! The girls spotted a 'famous' golfer too. Who knew they were such fans?! 

Boating- The First Summer

So this is an overload of boat pics- but it's our first summer to have it! So here we go!

The Three Blonde Besties

The Captain and his First Mate

Memorial Day Weekend- Sunday boat days are our fav

Found our friends, the Sullins, at the beach!

We got a taste of 'marina life' and rented a slip for a weekend. We went out three days in a row! Friday night at Big Daddy's with fireworks and the Ashmores. 


Saturday day with cousins - the Porter fam :) 

And then Sunday Funday with the Ramsey's! 

We always take the girls, because it's a family boat. But one day- we just went by ourselves. It was relaxing!

Who wants to move to the lake? Me!!

Summer Fun- and Father's Day 2017

 Summer has been buzzing right along. In June, Maisy took a two week ballet intensive. She danced for 8 hours each week and loved it! She is still dreaming of pointe shoes!

She also went to VBS at our church. She still has some sweet preschool friends there that she loves. 

The girls and I have been relaxing too. Afton goes to her 'work out camps' Mon- Thur from 8:30-10:30 each morning, then we come home and swim, craft, play. If it's not too hot, we go to the park. 

For Father's Day, we celebrated The DADS! at the Ashmore's house. The girls made up a 'SNL-style' skit called "The Dad Show" it had dad impressions, dad jokes, and dancing with dads. So cute.

We bought Jeff a Looftlighter (for his grill) and took him to breakfast at the "Pig Place" :)

We love our Jeff!
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