Monday, March 5, 2018

Afton's Confirmation

Afton went through a 4 week Confirmation program at our church. She learned what it meant to be a Christian, a Methodist, and what it means to walk in faith. I was asked to lead her group and honestly I was nervous! But God calls us-- and when we show up amazing things happen. 

I am so proud of Afton for joining the church. I can't wait to see where her journey in faith takes her. 

The Last Cotillion & 15 Year Anniversary

We wrapped up Cotillion with a final party, the Mardi Gras dance. Afton went with a group of friends and then Jeff joined her. It was so sweet that the parents were invited to dance with their kiddos. 

Afton had her Open House and shared some of her art work. Then she was super excited to earn a 'fish' for throwing her back tuck in tumbling. 

Jeff has continued to brave the rain to take care of IHOP. He is a good 'bunny dad'. 

We celebrated our 15 year anniversary. Jeff got me Hunter Rain Boots and a GoPro. He's the so thoughtful and sweet to me. We celebrated by taking the girls to Hibachi. It was fun to celebrate as a a family. 

Here's to 15+ more years! 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cotillion #3 and More Dance!

Another weekend, another chance to dress-up! Friday night was Cotillion #3. The theme was Disco. Afton had Chloe and Katie over before the dance to eat pizza and get ready. 


Since Afton was off at her fancy party, Miss Maisy asked to attend Open Gym at her gymnastics studio and she tumbled from 7:30-9:30pm! She was worn out the next day! 

On Saturday, Afton's dance team went to the MA Dance Competition. They won some awards and but most importantly Afton had a really good time. All the grandparents (including Grandpa & Grandma- not picutred) came out to cheer on Afton. 

On Sunday, we got up and walked to the donut shop. If you want to motivate your kids, just use donuts! We went grocery shopping, hung around the house, and went to Confirmation. That night, Jeff grilled out burgers and Landry slept-over. 

Monday was a school holiday- yay! We took the girls to lunch in Fort Worth at The Great Outdoors, then played in the Water Gardens. Afterwards, we went 'ski trip' shopping. 

I am ready for Spring Break! 
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