Friday, May 3, 2013

Name in Lights

Given the fact that she can be a bit dramatic, it is lucky for us that Afton has had a chance to put those skills to good use.
Looook- no teeth!

French inspired 'recycled' hat-- designed by Afton Conner
Afton has been living it up on stage.  First, she had a speaking part in her "First Grade Performance".

Then she was part of "the chorus of Who's" in our church production for Seussical Jr. 

Finally, she performed "Hot Steam" with her musical theater class.

Here is a video of the dress rehearsal:

And here is the BIG show! They were such a cute class!

It will be interesting to see if her love of theater, performing and being on stage continue :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Girls Trip to Oklahoma

Last weekend the girls and I, plus Grammy headed out on a roadtrip to visit Becka, Molly and Josh.
Molly is almost three months old and the sweetest, sleepiest, quietest baby I have ever seen.

The girls loved her!

We hung out, went to the park, did a little shopping and flew kites.

Becka and Josh have a great house and are enjoying living in the same town as Josh's family.
I am so proud of them- such sweet, loving parents!

Can't wait to see Molly again :)
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