Monday, September 27, 2010

The Well-Versed Family

This year I joined MOPS at our church. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a group for mommies of young children. We meet every other week to socialize, trade stories and tips, pray, eat, and listen to a speaker. It is extremely motivating and supporting- I am really enjoying it.

Our speaker last week was Caroline Boykin, author of "The Well-Versed Family". Her message was about the importance of raising kids of faith through scripture memorization. I loved her! She spoke of passing on wisdom and comfort to our children by teaching them bible verses. It is a way to equip our children with something meaningful to take with them as they head into the world. So this month, Afton and I are working on a verse about using kind words. If you want, join in with us and work on this verse too.

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." Proverbs 15:1

We are using some hand motions to help with this one. (stirring with our hand) Afton loves to practice saying the verse at night while I rub her back. She put it into action the other day when Jeff's voice got a bit serious, she said "Daddy are you stirring up some anger!" But it seriously has helped her remember to use a kind voice with her sister.
Things are still moving at a fast pace around here. Miss Maisy got another ear infection last week. So this Friday, she will be having a little surgery to insert tubes into her ears. I am nervous about it and also excited, I know that it will immediately help her feel better and keep her from getting infections. I am also hoping she will sleep better as well.

We ventured out to Main Street Days. We went early on Friday (got in free) and had a good time eating corn dogs, riding the carnival rides, and listening to music.
I love that sweet look on her face...

Afton loves everything about the 'fair', but mostly the popcorn.

Can my girls be any blonder?!

Beyond all of that, we have all been crafty around here. Jeff and I make a pretty good team when it comes to decor etc. I think of an idea and he does all the hard work to make it happen!

Here is a look at the before and after of "Sophia" my new desk chair. I am posting the details of her make-over on Crafty Texas Girls. Pop on over there if you are interested in all the staple and hot-glue-gun fun!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sporty Saturday

I had an awesome time at the Tour des Fleurs Race on Saturday morning. I ran faster than I thought I would and felt great when it was all said and done. Here is a link with pictures of me crossing the finish line.

Of course Afton kept asking if I won a gold medal- "no". But did I try my best?- "yes". Then I should have gotten a medal- "my thoughts exactly".

I finished the 10K at 57:49, 25th in my age division out of 149, 98th out of 795 women. I usually run a solid 10 minute mile, but at the race I averaged 9:20 mile. (It was kinda fun passing people!)

Afton had a soccer game after I came home. She did much better this week- more smiles and only a few tears at the end when she got 'too hot and tired'. I love how she smiles when she runs.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peek a Boo

Maisy is just one month away from her big birthday. She is cruising, crawling, scooting- but not yet walking. She babbles all day and signed 'daddy' last week. She likes to point at things and I tell her their names. She loves to eat bread, pancakes, baby cheetoh's, pizza crust, grapes and peaches. She is a good lil napper, but a 'sensitive' sleeper (if anything is just a bit off- she will wake up and let me know!)

Her favorite game is peek-a-boo. She crawls to the curtains

and hides

until I find her!

We are planning a 'vintage cowgirl' party for Maisy Lou. So we took her to Nash farm and took some pictures of her in boots for the invitation. I love this baby- such a sweet disposition.

Afton had her first soccer game on Saturday.

At her age, they have a 30-minute practice and then a 30-minute game. So it is only a one hour commitment, once a week. The teams are made up of 3 boys and 3 girls.

When the game starts, it is 3 on 3 - and the kids rotate in and out, so they don't get too tired. Score is not kept, instead the goal is really to make contact with the ball.

Afton looked adorable of course.

She loved the practice- running drills and kicking the ball with friends.

But she was disappointed when the game started and the other team 'wouldn't share'!!! What was even more hilarious was that the other team only had 3 kids- a girl and two boys. And I swear those two boys were from Brazil or something- they were awesome. They played the whole time- never taking a break and scoring on us over and over again. Afton got a bit frustrated and ended up crying. I guess it didn't help that it was about 100 degrees outside. But she is excited to give it another shot again this weekend. I think now that she knows what to expect (that the kids won't share the ball during the game) that she will have more fun :)

Jeff and I went to Dave Matthews on Saturday.

We had a great time. But I think I am getting old, the dirty drunk kids just weren't as funny to me as they used to be... *sigh*.

Luckily the music was good and and I loved having a date night with my hubby!

Jeff 'intently' listening to the concert. (He loved me taking this picture!)

This weekend is another busy one- and I am running a 10K on Saturday- wish me luck!


Friday, September 10, 2010


We kicked off the football season by going to TCU's game at Cowboys Stadium. Our friend found us a great deal on tickets and a group of us sat about 10 rows up from the field.

I was amazed at the number of people tailgating. TCU fans know how to tailgate. The guy next to us had a purple blender that he was using to make purple margaritas. Of course there were all kinds of adorable girls in fabulous purple outfits paired with cowboy boots.

The sorority pose- never goes out of style.

Jeff has been waiting for a long time for football season- this is like Christmas for him. 

Getting excited for some Horned Frog football!
Waiting to get in- the lines were so long and they frisked everyone.
Michael is the most loyal TCU fan I know, a true die-hard Frog.

The giant screen everyone has been talking about- it is huge!

I had heard a lot about expensive concessions at the stadium. So if you are wondering, here is what things really cost. Beer- $8.50, loaded nachos-$9, Papa Johns personal pizza- $12. Not *too* bad.
Jeff and Michael celebrating the win!
This weekend will be a busy one, Afton starts soccer and Jeff and I are going to the Dave Matthews concert. I love fall, so many fun things to look forward too.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of Pre-K

Afton had her first day of Pre-K today. She was so excited to go, begged to leave right after we had breakfast. This year she will go three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and half days on Friday. Happily one of her little friends, Avery, is in her class too.

Of course we had to have a 'mini-photo' shoot before we left for the big day. I can't believe how 'big' she is now. Where did the time go?

Her teachers are great this year- very enthusiastic, friendly and they get down on the kids level when they speak to them. Love that!

While Afton enjoyed her day of learning, Maisy and I spent time reading, playing on the floor, and exploring outside.

This is what Afton brought home from her first day. Looks like she was missing her little sister today.
Love those sweet girls!
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