Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

I absolutely loved our Christmas this year. The girls were a delight and their excitement was contagious. Afton and Maisy anxiously counted down the days and tried their hardest to be 'so good'. Afton asked Santa a for a princess cape, fairy dust so she could fly, and a Care Bears Elephant. Maisy wanted one thing-- Barney. We took part in all the local Christmas events and the girls were so excited to celebrate Baby Jesus's birth and Santa's arrival too.

We spent the 'Eve of Christmas Eve' baking cookies and eating homemade chili with Jeff's family. The sugar cookies didn't last long...

Notice the shoes here:  the one time Maisy is dressed in head-to-red, she refuses to wear her red "dorothy shoes".          Instead she opted for hot pink patent leather. Funny girl!

On Christmas Eve we attended the afternoon children's service at church. The music and laid-back atmosphere was a hit with this group. Afterwards we had both our families over for a traditional dinner complete with roasted turkey-- compliments of Jeff :) 

On Christmas morning, we actually woke the girls up at 6:30am. We couldn't wait any longer! They rushed down the stairs to see what Santa had brought. Afton found her cape, the Care Bears Elephant and instead of fairy dust--- a new bike. Santa left a letter explaining that he couldn't give her fairy dust--it was best to leave the flying to his elves and reindeer. But instead he made her a new bike, so she might be able to go just as fast :)

Santa did bring Maisy her Barney and a new puppet theater as well since she is such a fan of the 'puppets and shakies' at the library. (Of course she hasn't put her Barney down since he arrived!) Then we exchanged our gifts. Under the tree I found an iPad, Maisy got a mini-four-wheeler, Afton unwrapped a Nintendo DS, and Jeff got his own razor scooter!

My Dad and Tricia joined us for breakfast, a few more gifts (new running shoes!!!) and then some outdoor fun.

That evening we had Christmas dinner at my Mom and Dave's house. I loved getting to spend time time with my sisters too. 

We were so happy to celebrate Christmas with our family and pause to give thanks for all of life's blessings.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011


December has been flying by. My friends and I ran another half marathon, this time we did White Rock. The weather was horrible, but the rain and frigid temperatures sped up our feet.

I finished in 1:50, which was three minutes faster than my previous time. Jeff was sweet enough to meet me at mile 9 with smile and to yell "You're doing great!". Made me want to cry! But I pushed through and it was worth it.

 That night we gathered at Trulucks to celebrate with lots of carbs. Who would have ever thought I would enjoying training, racing and sweating so much?!

Christmas magic has been all around our home. The girls helped me decorate and our little red Elf has been a source of constant entertainment. We have been loving on baby Jesus and singing songs about Santa too. There is so much love and happiness around Christmas time. This year Maisy is asking for a stuffed Barney and Afton wants a stuffed Care Bear Cousins Elephant- it's kind of a 'vintage' themed Christmas I guess!

At school, Santa came by helicopter to visit the kids. All the Kindergarten students dressed up as elves-- Maisy even joined in on the fun. Everyone brought a present to help Santa out with his job.

Afton had the best time preparing for Christmas at school- writing letters, making ornaments, and taking care of the class elves. This year there is lots of interest in elves! Her teacher has made this season so special. I am thankful for her wonderful school. 

Dear Santa Fairy Dust, Maisy wants Barney, Mom wants junk?! I think this must be written in code:)
Maisy is having her moments of 'terrible twos', but she makes up for them by dressing like a princess, only wearing "Dorothy shoes", saying the absolute cutest things, and giving lots of kisses.

 Finally we made our annual  trip to see Santa at Town Square. He is my favorite :) Santa always remembers us and this year he promised Afton "this would be her best Christmas yet". Maisy was a little unsure, but she went ahead and particpated--- just to make sure she gets that Barney!

The girls can't wait for more Christmas fun. We have lots of family coming in town over the next few days. We are so excited to be home for the holidays, building traditions and celebrating the birth of Christ together.
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