Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mardi Gras Ball 2014

Jeff and I went to Shreveport for the weekend.

His friend Kevin invited us to be a guest at the Mardi Gras Ball for the Crewe of Centaur. This year, Kevin is serving as the Duke of Fun. 

The ball was held at the Shreveport Convention Center. The Crewe transformed the ballroom into a magical setting. 

Each member of the royal court was given a theme for their table. The decorations were over the top. And everything on the table was a gift to the guest, so the place settings and treats were all taken home at the end of the night. Being part of the royal court is not cheap! 

The gold and white tables belong to the King and Queen. I loved their decor!

This was a 'voodoo' table. 

More tables, each one was unique and filled with so much detail. 

Our table was 'Sportmans Paradise'. It was decorated in blue and white. Kevin, his wife, and daughters put so much effort into the table. It was beautiful. 

When we first arrived, there were appetizers - gumbo, tamales, chips/dip, and drinks. 

Then came the royal procession. Each member of the court was announced and came on stage in full costume. 

Each court member was pushed through the party on a rolling wooden stand. The royalty threw beads to the crowd of 1,000. Everyone in the crowd had confetti sticks to throw. 

At the end, the King and Queen arrived and everyone paraded through the ballroom. 

After the parade, there was a live band and lots of dancing. At 10:30, a breakfast  buffet was served. And by midnight, the evening drew to a close. The pageantry, enthusiasm, decor and tradition was unbelievable. We were lucky to be a part of it! 

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