Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maisy Pics

Here are some pictures of my sweet baby- she's sleeping much better this week!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Memory Fades

There are so many things you forget about having a newborn.
-No sleep, really No. Sleep.
-30 minute feedings every 3 hours
-Many diaper changes sometimes explosions on our cute clothes
-Spit-up on you & baby, smelling like spit-up
-Laundry seems multiply on its own
-Babies are so sweet, there is nothing like a snuggling with a new baby :)

God must erase those memories! I had forgotten the how bad the sleep deprivation can be. After 5 weeks of not sleeping well, I hit the wall this week. It's one thing not to sleep, it's another to not sleep and then have to get up at 7am and be a good mommy to Afton. Luckily Jeff's job can be flexible, so he has been helping me get Afton to her morning activities. Which is a good thing- considering I didn't shower until 1:30 on Tuesday!

To help with the sleep issue, we invested in the newest Papasan swing. We didn't have one with Afton, I guess it was because I didn't have any friends with a baby, so no one ever told me that it is a 'must have'. Notice I used the word 'invest'- that's because the cost of the swing plus batteries is almost $200. But it is worth every penny. Maisy is not a big cryer at night, she just can't settle down to sleep unless she is being held. The Papasan is giving me a break from holding her all night, she just rocks to sleep and keeps rocking until it's time for her next feeding. She's napping it in now as I write this!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Almost A Month

Maisy will be 4 weeks old on Wednesday. She is such a sweet baby. Although she is having more periods of being awake, she is still a rather sleepy girl. At night, her only demand is to be cuddled while snoozing. So I have taken to 'sleeping' sitting up in bed. She is an excellent eater and nurses about every 3 hours. Maisy is still wearing newborn clothes- but has a large wardrobe awaiting her once she grows into it. I love having a newborn again. Her quiet way of studying faces and the world around makes me think she'll be a thoughtful child. And her sleepy smiles that reveal a faint dimple in her left cheek are a sure sign that she will be full of joy.

My goal is take her picture once a month in the nursery rocker. I had a friend that did something similar and it was neat way to see how fast baby grows. (Behind Maisy is the beautiful blanket that Jeff's sisters and Mom had made for me. It is pink on pink, with words that describe me a mom embroidered along the edges. I love it!)


We hosted our annual Halloween Party. Neighbors, family and friends joined us on driveway to do a "Louisiana Style" trick-or-treating. We brought in pizza and everyone brought a dish to share. Afton really got into trick-or-treating this year. She and Vivi rode in the red wagon while Bryce (our two year old neighbor) pulled them.

He Needs a Bow!

We celebrated Jeff's 33rd birthday with his family at our house recently. Afton had a blast playing with 'Lukey Poo'- he's almost 6 months old and he is so funny. While all the adults were busy talking, Afton took it upon herself to decorate Luke. This photo is probably the reason God sent us another little girl, a boy would never survive in this house!

(The bow is off of Maisy's basinet and the ribbon is from a birthday balloon- Afton seems to have gotten my 'crafty' genes!)

Newborn Pictures

Our good friend Kristie Mills recently did Maisy's newborn pictures. Maisy was only a week and half old, so the photos turned out adorable. I am so impressed with Kristie- she spent 4 hours working with my two girls to get the perfect shots. (If you've never been witness to newborn pictures, there is a lot involved-crying, pooping and difficult models!) But in the end they turned out beautifully, here are a few.

Photos courtesy of

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