Thursday, November 12, 2009

Memory Fades

There are so many things you forget about having a newborn.
-No sleep, really No. Sleep.
-30 minute feedings every 3 hours
-Many diaper changes sometimes explosions on our cute clothes
-Spit-up on you & baby, smelling like spit-up
-Laundry seems multiply on its own
-Babies are so sweet, there is nothing like a snuggling with a new baby :)

God must erase those memories! I had forgotten the how bad the sleep deprivation can be. After 5 weeks of not sleeping well, I hit the wall this week. It's one thing not to sleep, it's another to not sleep and then have to get up at 7am and be a good mommy to Afton. Luckily Jeff's job can be flexible, so he has been helping me get Afton to her morning activities. Which is a good thing- considering I didn't shower until 1:30 on Tuesday!

To help with the sleep issue, we invested in the newest Papasan swing. We didn't have one with Afton, I guess it was because I didn't have any friends with a baby, so no one ever told me that it is a 'must have'. Notice I used the word 'invest'- that's because the cost of the swing plus batteries is almost $200. But it is worth every penny. Maisy is not a big cryer at night, she just can't settle down to sleep unless she is being held. The Papasan is giving me a break from holding her all night, she just rocks to sleep and keeps rocking until it's time for her next feeding. She's napping it in now as I write this!


  1. We had that swing for Nathan and Jordan and Nathan LOVED it! Such sweet pictures of Afton holding her baby sister!

  2. Oh, yes, the papasan! As I type, Jace is swinging right now! You totally forget the newborn stage until it just pretty much wipes you out!!! At least with a 2nd you realize that the hard part is only temporary and you will sleep again! Cute pictures of both girls!


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