Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer is Here!

Afton's last day of preschool was last Thursday, so this is our first official week of summer.

Afton in September- the first day of school

Afton in May- the last day of school

The big thing of the week has been roly poly bugs. Afton captured adopted one and named her Bella. Then Bella ran away and she found 2 more, she named them Bella and Bella. Both of those tragically passed away (the autopsy has been inconclusive). Happily, another pair were found and she named those Bella and Rylee. They were set free today after a long discussion about "all of God's creatures great and small". The roly poly bugs have been the perfect pets--free and quiet!

Meanwhile, Maisy discovered that she is NOT a fan of the grass.

Through all of our bug adventures, I have been enjoying my new camera. I spent one afternoon learning about all the cool features. Since the girls were napping, Penny was my model. 

Tonight, after I put Maisy to bed, we played outside. I can not believe how amazing this camera really is- look at the shots I captured of my family in action!

Then it was Afton's turn to jump...

She can get some height huh?!

"Jump with me Dad!"


Then they started running, look at the three of them chase the ball...

Of course Penny got to the ball first. 

Finally, Jeff and Afton practiced some cheer stunts. 

Doesn't it look like she is sitting in the tree? Now that is height!

Don't worry, he always catches her.

It's gonna be a great summer!

Turning 30

Well I am 30! And honestly,  I can't really tell a difference:) To celebrate my big day, we went out on the town in FW with the Mills, Parkers and the Rogers. We did dinner at Gloria's, drinks at the Pour House, and then closed down the night at the Pub. The next morning, I was wishing I had gotten to bed by 10pm instead of 3am, but it was a fun night!

On Sunday, we celebrated with my family at Uncle Julio's and then cake back at the house. 

I chose to do only 3 candles- instead of 30!!!

And my Dad got me a new camera- the Cannon Rebel! As you know, I love taking pictures. I am having so much fun with my fancy new toy. My dad is a natural photographer. His mother, my grandmother (whom passed away before I was born), was a photographer. Growing up, my dad had a dark room in his home. So capturing life through photos runs in our family. 

Get ready for lots more photos!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Seven Months Old and Baptized!

"Angel Baby" as Afton calls her, is now 7 months old. I cannot explain what a joy this baby has been for our family. Afton loves Maisy. 

Everything from riding in the car to taking a bath has become more interesting and fun for Afton. She loves the company of her little sister. Maisy is Afton's first thought in the morning. Afton loves climbing in the crib with her and playing until I come pull them both out. 

Afton with a picture she drew for Maisy. She can write Maisy's name just as well as she writes her own!

Maisy is sitting up well now. She is still practicing tummy-time and really doesn't like it. Maisy rolls from front to back, but never the other way around. She has gotten very good at her pincer grasp and is always searching for something to pop into her mouth. No teeth yet, but she is still able to enjoy a good rubbery pizza crust now and then.

The pizza crust- yum

 Maisy has finally taken to her baby food- and is eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is the best baby- bed at 7:30-8pm up at 7am. She is taking to 2-3 naps a day, good long ones. 

Her new favorite past-time, jumping. This girl wants to be standing all the time. If you hold her little hands, she will even 'walk' forwards. 

She is so even-tempered. Today we ran errands from the moment we dropped Afton off at school to when we picked her up. Maisy was happy to be my shopping partner for 5 hours and through 7 stores!

We celebrated our little blessing on Sunday. She was baptized at White's Chapel church by Pastor John. She looked angelic in her bonnet and gown. I couldn't pick which photo of her I liked best, so I just posted a bunch. Notice the sweet little pearl bracelet that Mimi gave to her. 

She didn't cry or fuss when the water was put on her head. Both she and Afton were both so good, they stayed in the pew with us for the entire service. Afton was so proud to stand in front of the church with our Maisy. 

Love my beautiful blondes :) 

I didn't take many photos at the luncheon afterwards, although I did manage to photograph my desserts the night before. The chocolate cake balls were to die for!  It was a beautiful day, made even more special by all of our family and friends. 

Yes- Grammy and Becka are back in Texas for good! 

I turn 30 years old on Sunday- gulp! Wish me luck!

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