Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer is Here!

Afton's last day of preschool was last Thursday, so this is our first official week of summer.

Afton in September- the first day of school

Afton in May- the last day of school

The big thing of the week has been roly poly bugs. Afton captured adopted one and named her Bella. Then Bella ran away and she found 2 more, she named them Bella and Bella. Both of those tragically passed away (the autopsy has been inconclusive). Happily, another pair were found and she named those Bella and Rylee. They were set free today after a long discussion about "all of God's creatures great and small". The roly poly bugs have been the perfect pets--free and quiet!

Meanwhile, Maisy discovered that she is NOT a fan of the grass.

Through all of our bug adventures, I have been enjoying my new camera. I spent one afternoon learning about all the cool features. Since the girls were napping, Penny was my model. 

Tonight, after I put Maisy to bed, we played outside. I can not believe how amazing this camera really is- look at the shots I captured of my family in action!

Then it was Afton's turn to jump...

She can get some height huh?!

"Jump with me Dad!"


Then they started running, look at the three of them chase the ball...

Of course Penny got to the ball first. 

Finally, Jeff and Afton practiced some cheer stunts. 

Doesn't it look like she is sitting in the tree? Now that is height!

Don't worry, he always catches her.

It's gonna be a great summer!


  1. wow Sam! that's a great camera. mind sharing the type? we're going to the caribbean in a few weeks and sometimes they have really good deals on electronics. i've been researching but would love to add another camera to my list!

  2. She has really grown up over the year...beautiful girls you have!


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