Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Ramblings with a lot of Pictures

So here's what we have been up to....

-Our big trip to Miami is on Monday. It is the Amabassador's Club trip for the top performers in the company. Since Jeff finished number one last year, we get to live it up like rockstars in Miami! It will be the first time we have taken a week long trip without the girls. I am excited and anxious. 

-My running shoes have been shouting my name. Last night I did 5 miles in 45 minutes. It felt amazing! My good pace was thanks to a red-headed girl who passed me on a hill. I justified her speed by the fact that her legs were twice as long as mine and she looked to be in high school. But it did motivate me to lengthen my stride. 

-Afton has been keeping busy with lots of fun activities--Weekly story time at the library, cheerleading, lots of play dates, running around outside and going to the movies. 

-Maisy is 'walking' everywhere. She only wants to be on her tiny feet. So she has been exploring the world with her bare feet since all of the shoes I bought for her are still too big. She has also been waking up at night and early early early in the morning- ugh!

-Afton is taking swim lessons through the Grapevine Rec Center. She already swims like a champ, but the classes are fun and she is perfecting her 'form'. 

-I have been working on my photography skills. I finally watched the instructional DVD that my dad bought me. Here are some pics me playing around with all my creative settings. 

-Then I went out to the the park ready to take a few amazing photos- here is what I got. ha! (Nice job focusing on the sign huh?)

-At least these turned out good. I will keep working. The automatic settings are so easy and great. I think I will stick to those until I get a better understanding of exposure, shutter speed, etc. 

-We have been swimming a ton. Here are the photos to prove it. We love our pool. 

- Have a great week, we can't wait til Monday!!!!!

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