Thursday, June 10, 2010

8 Months Old

Wait--I couldn't leave town without a Maisy post! 
 Maisy is now 8 months old! I love this age- giggles, smiles, non-mobile, chubby cheeks, and lots of snuggles.

She is loving the pool and all of our summer adventures. Lately she has been waking up at night, but is usually able to get herself back to sleep. Our mornings come early- 5am! So I put Maisy in the swing and she snoozes until I come wake her around 7am.

Eating is hit or miss, sometimes she is ravenous and eats a whole stage 2 jar, other times she wants just a few bites and then is done. She is learning to eat finger foods- puffs, bits of bread, soft nibbles of fruits and veggies.

My favorite thing about Maisy right now are her hands. They look like little stars.

I love her chubby fingers  and dimpled hands. Her hands are always moving, grabbing, pulling. Her little 'pincer grasp' is precious, she concentrates so hard to put her thumb and index finger together.

Pinching, pinching until she grabs a puff and stuffs it into her little mouth. Sometimes that puff just gets lost in her doughy little hand. So she tries again.

Sweet Maisy Lou...

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