Friday, January 29, 2010

Please, Don't Share!

Well Afton has gotten very good at sharing. So good in fact, that she shared some pretty nasty germs with Maisy. And now my sweet 3 month old has RSV ! Afton was sent home with a fever from preschool on Thursday and felt pretty lousy. Her fever and wet cough continued throughout today. Then Maisy woke up today with the cough, and by afternoon she had a fever of 102. We took her to Cooks Urgent Care because she is so young. They ran a test and made the diagnosis. In most cases, RSV is just a really bad virus and can be treated like a cold. But in little babies like Maisy, it can get serious fast and cause wheezing and breathing difficulties. So I am watching her like a hawk and am determined to get her healthy. This virus can last 2 weeks and chances are that Afton has it too.

The ironic thing about this is that when Afton was discharged from the NICU three years ago, our biggest fear is that she would get RSV. With her premature lungs, the virus would have put her back in the hospital. So we paid almost $1000 a month, for six months, so that she could have synagis injections. The injections were formulated to keep her from contracting the virus. Beyond that we were crazy about hand washing, germs, public places- I scarcely left the house for the first 10 months of her life.

And now, Maisy who is just three months old gets it! I know that it won't be serious in the way that it would have been for Afton. But still, I am sad that she has it.

So we are treating Maisy with lots of TLC, tylenol, and she is to be kept propped up while sleeping. I guess it's good that my sweet baby still loves sleeping in her swing!

(Maisy on Thursday, before she got sick.)

P.S. Miss Afton is on the mend too. Her fever has been on and off all day. But her appetite is back and she has felt well enough to play a bit. She has also been resting a lot on the couch and watching Cinderella III. When we took Maisy to Cook's, Afton proudly told all of the doctors and nurses that she didn't need any medicine from them- she would "just heal herself!" 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Geaux Saints!

Jeff is a huge Saints fan. Ever since we lived in New Orleans, he bleeds black and gold.

Last Christmas I even got him a New Orleans fathead to hang in the garage. So when Jeff was back in New Orleans for business this year, he bought us Saints shirts. (He has quite a collection already, but the we girls didn't have any.) Jeff got Afton an official jersey and was so excited to see her wear it. But she refused. She said jerseys are for boys, cheerleading outfits are for girls. In this case, he didn't get her the cheerleading outfit because it was around $50, while the jersey was $10. So all season, she would not wear it, not even with the coordinating bow I made to match it!

Today however, we convinced her that since the game is so important, she should wear the Saints jersey. She happily agreed and was walking around practicing her best "Who Dat?!" Of course, we could not find it. After looking for an hour, we gave up. Where did that jersey go?!

So I dusted off my sewing machine (I haven't been able to craft as much since Maisy arrived) and made her an adorable zebra fleur di lis shirt. She loves it, such a stylish way to cheer on our team. And luckily, the bow I had made looks great with her new shirt.

Oh and here are some cute pics of the girls at the park this week. The weather has been beautiful- 60's and sunny. The perfect January weather.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love These

found on etsy

also found on etsy

I adore these. Might need to hang them up as I embark on my goals for 2010...

1. Count my Blessings
2. Be a loving wife and mother
3. Work Out
4. Redecorate my home

Stay tuned for a fun year!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maisy is 3 Months Old

Our sweet baby Maisy is 3 months old! She is coming into her little personality- cooing, smiling, and even laughing when tickled under chin. She loves to watch Afton play and listen to her read and sing.

She is calmed by a kind voice and being held. Maisy loves to be swaddled, snuggled, and rocked. She is still sleeping in her swing, soothed by the rocking. We are now beginning to see a bit of a schedule emerge. She is on a 3 hour routine of eating, playing/awake time for about 90 minutes, and then back to sleep.

During her awake time she likes to play in her gym. She kicks her legs like crazy and is now able to grab at her play rings. She can play patty cake with her feet and pull them up to her tummy. And happily, she is starting to fill out. I love kissing her sweet chubby cheeks.

Maisy has found her hands and loves to put them in her mouth. She seems very proud of this new accomplishment. She doesn't like her paci, so it's nice that she has found a way to soothe herself for a bit.

The jury is still out on what her hair will do. It is brown now, but seems to be thinning out. (She has a bit of a "Mr. T" look going on.) What do you think? Will I end up with another blonde? Her eyes are a brilliant blue, so maybe she will be an Afton-look-alike. Either way, she'll be a cutie!

Maisy has now been around long enough to earn some nicknames. I call her "Lou Lou" and Afton likes to call her "Maisy Lou Who"! She smiles and kindly goes along with all of our craziness. I am so happy to have her in my life.

And because I can't post without some Afton photos... here is Miss Afton at Vivi's house. Jennifer was a gracious hostess and planned a Fancy Nancy tea party for the girls. (Fancy Nancy is a book series about a little girl who likes everything "fancy"!) They made placemats, decorated jeweled silverware, created tissue paper flowers, fixed delicious food, and even got to eat on real china plates. Oooh La La!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Afton's Photos

Afton got a camera for Christmas from Santa. Here are some of the photos I pulled off her camera. 

She likes the element of surprise...

Self Portraits are a must

Unique perspectives show off her true 'artistic talent'...

She has learned to say "Now get together and smile!"....

Oh and when Daddy is mad, it's probably best not to take his picture!

Keep up the good work Afton, you may have a future in photography!

New Year's Eve

We hosted a 'family friendly' New Year's Eve Party. Everyone brought their favorite appetizer or dessert to share. We munched, talked and had a few drinks while the kiddos played. Afton got a bounce house from my Dad for Christmas, so we set it up in the garage. Our neighbors Alex and Jaime came over along with their son Bryce. And of course Jennifer, Jason and Vivi joined us too.  Both of Jeff's sisters, their husbands and the babies spent the night. It was our last 'hurrah' with Jessie before she and Luke move to Houston be with Matt. We had a lot of fun ringing in the new year together.

Testing out the bounce house before guests arrive.

She loves to jump!

Making pizza pinwheels with Daddy.

Me and my girls!

Afton and Vivi had to dress up like princess for the party. Neither one of them was actually awake at midnight!

More jumping!

Dads love having their pictures taken- ha!

Baby Analeigh

Congrats on the new house Jessie and Matt! We can't wait to head Houston next month for a visit.

Jenn borrowed my Baby Nest carrier. Maisy practically lives in this during the day. Analeigh was a big fan too.

Big Brother and the Sisters

The Ladies/Mommies

The Dudes

How did you spend New Year's Eve?
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