Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maisy is 3 Months Old

Our sweet baby Maisy is 3 months old! She is coming into her little personality- cooing, smiling, and even laughing when tickled under chin. She loves to watch Afton play and listen to her read and sing.

She is calmed by a kind voice and being held. Maisy loves to be swaddled, snuggled, and rocked. She is still sleeping in her swing, soothed by the rocking. We are now beginning to see a bit of a schedule emerge. She is on a 3 hour routine of eating, playing/awake time for about 90 minutes, and then back to sleep.

During her awake time she likes to play in her gym. She kicks her legs like crazy and is now able to grab at her play rings. She can play patty cake with her feet and pull them up to her tummy. And happily, she is starting to fill out. I love kissing her sweet chubby cheeks.

Maisy has found her hands and loves to put them in her mouth. She seems very proud of this new accomplishment. She doesn't like her paci, so it's nice that she has found a way to soothe herself for a bit.

The jury is still out on what her hair will do. It is brown now, but seems to be thinning out. (She has a bit of a "Mr. T" look going on.) What do you think? Will I end up with another blonde? Her eyes are a brilliant blue, so maybe she will be an Afton-look-alike. Either way, she'll be a cutie!

Maisy has now been around long enough to earn some nicknames. I call her "Lou Lou" and Afton likes to call her "Maisy Lou Who"! She smiles and kindly goes along with all of our craziness. I am so happy to have her in my life.

And because I can't post without some Afton photos... here is Miss Afton at Vivi's house. Jennifer was a gracious hostess and planned a Fancy Nancy tea party for the girls. (Fancy Nancy is a book series about a little girl who likes everything "fancy"!) They made placemats, decorated jeweled silverware, created tissue paper flowers, fixed delicious food, and even got to eat on real china plates. Oooh La La!


  1. samantha, found your blog and can't wait to stay up to date with you guys even further. your girls are ADORABLE!!! I can only hope to have some just as cute some day!

  2. Oh my! This is the first time I have seen these tea party pictures. Afton and Vivi are too hilarious! And, your baby girl, Maisy, is getting so big. Her hair must grow like my boys...mohawk style! So cute!

  3. Absolutely LOVE these pictures of the family, Maisy is a happy, happy baby and so perfectly beautiful! What fun Vivi and Afton are having!


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