Sunday, January 24, 2010

Geaux Saints!

Jeff is a huge Saints fan. Ever since we lived in New Orleans, he bleeds black and gold.

Last Christmas I even got him a New Orleans fathead to hang in the garage. So when Jeff was back in New Orleans for business this year, he bought us Saints shirts. (He has quite a collection already, but the we girls didn't have any.) Jeff got Afton an official jersey and was so excited to see her wear it. But she refused. She said jerseys are for boys, cheerleading outfits are for girls. In this case, he didn't get her the cheerleading outfit because it was around $50, while the jersey was $10. So all season, she would not wear it, not even with the coordinating bow I made to match it!

Today however, we convinced her that since the game is so important, she should wear the Saints jersey. She happily agreed and was walking around practicing her best "Who Dat?!" Of course, we could not find it. After looking for an hour, we gave up. Where did that jersey go?!

So I dusted off my sewing machine (I haven't been able to craft as much since Maisy arrived) and made her an adorable zebra fleur di lis shirt. She loves it, such a stylish way to cheer on our team. And luckily, the bow I had made looks great with her new shirt.

Oh and here are some cute pics of the girls at the park this week. The weather has been beautiful- 60's and sunny. The perfect January weather.

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