Friday, January 29, 2010

Please, Don't Share!

Well Afton has gotten very good at sharing. So good in fact, that she shared some pretty nasty germs with Maisy. And now my sweet 3 month old has RSV ! Afton was sent home with a fever from preschool on Thursday and felt pretty lousy. Her fever and wet cough continued throughout today. Then Maisy woke up today with the cough, and by afternoon she had a fever of 102. We took her to Cooks Urgent Care because she is so young. They ran a test and made the diagnosis. In most cases, RSV is just a really bad virus and can be treated like a cold. But in little babies like Maisy, it can get serious fast and cause wheezing and breathing difficulties. So I am watching her like a hawk and am determined to get her healthy. This virus can last 2 weeks and chances are that Afton has it too.

The ironic thing about this is that when Afton was discharged from the NICU three years ago, our biggest fear is that she would get RSV. With her premature lungs, the virus would have put her back in the hospital. So we paid almost $1000 a month, for six months, so that she could have synagis injections. The injections were formulated to keep her from contracting the virus. Beyond that we were crazy about hand washing, germs, public places- I scarcely left the house for the first 10 months of her life.

And now, Maisy who is just three months old gets it! I know that it won't be serious in the way that it would have been for Afton. But still, I am sad that she has it.

So we are treating Maisy with lots of TLC, tylenol, and she is to be kept propped up while sleeping. I guess it's good that my sweet baby still loves sleeping in her swing!

(Maisy on Thursday, before she got sick.)

P.S. Miss Afton is on the mend too. Her fever has been on and off all day. But her appetite is back and she has felt well enough to play a bit. She has also been resting a lot on the couch and watching Cinderella III. When we took Maisy to Cook's, Afton proudly told all of the doctors and nurses that she didn't need any medicine from them- she would "just heal herself!" 

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