Saturday, April 29, 2017

Easter 2017

The title is misleading because this post has more than just Easter pics. But oh well! 

Jeff continues to travel a lot, so the girls and I randomly go to the movies during the week. This was the time we saw "The Boss Baby". We (especially me) loved it! 

On Maundy Thursday, Jeff was out of town and Afton was at a sleepover. So Maisy and I went to church together and then had dinner at Pei Wei. Then, since it was just the two of us-- Maisy got to sleep in my bed :) 

The day before Easter we sent to get a Bundt Cake. This was the line. Outside the door and wrapped around the building. Those cakes are REALLY good.

We went to Jenn & Jades for an Easter celebration. Swimming, dinner and an egg hunt. 

On Easter Sunday, the girls got all dressed up and we went to church. Aren't they cute? 

Then we moved all of our downstairs furniture in the garade to prepare for our new floors! 

We spent the week at Grandpa's House while the work was being done. 

Maisy had her 1st grade program "Rumbe in the Jungle". It was adorable. She was a snake. 

And then it was Earth Week and we made these hats again. Happily both girls won the 'best hat prize' in each of their classes. This is Afton's 6th year to win. Boom. 

And here are some random Maisy moments.... 
When she drew a picture at Rio Mambo. 

When her class hatched chicks- it took 21 days. They named them Banana and Hot Rod :)

And Maisy's last game of her first season with the Pink Panthers. She has really enjoyed the social parts and practices and on the sidelines. Game time is getting better- I am proud of her doing something that is outside her comfort zone. She says she wants to do it again next season! 

April has been good. :)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring in my Favorite

The weather has been so nice here. I love Spring in Texas. This time of year reminds me of why people like to live here.

On Mondays, Maisy has been doing extra practices hosted by CSA. They are called "Monday Night Futbol". Jeff and I walk around the fields and talk while Maisy plays.

 We got out for an impromptu date night to see Afton's basketball coach play at a local winery. He was good- and so was the wine!

Afton tried out for her middle school dance team- and made it! She worked so hard to learn the choreography and prepare for the tryout. It was wonderful to see her hard work payoff. 

Her 'lil sis' at cheer gave her this shirt, it says "Follow Your Dreams".

I was invited to go as a chaperone on Maisy's field trip to the Perot Museum. I have been several times with Afton, but this was my first time with Maisy. We had a great day together.

We have been going on walks a lot- sunshine and great temperatures are the best! 

Random pics from dinner out on Friday :)

We did a little Easter Eggstravaganza at home- painting, egg hunts, and fun. 

Today was Palm Sunday, we got up early to go worship before Afton's big cheer competition. (Hence the chili pepper bow.) 

And we wrapped up the cheer season with our last competition- it was at the Gaylord in Grapevine. It has been a great year with these girls and their mommas. 

First place- a nice note to end on! 

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