Saturday, May 15, 2010

Splash Day and Cake Mix

Afton's year in pre-school is drawing to an end. And next year she will be in Pre-K! Can you believe it? It will be her last year at home with me. Makes me sad just thinking about it. These girls are growing up too fast. On Thursday, Chapel Hill Preschool had a Splash Day. Here are some photos that her teacher sent me.

Blowing bubbles

Playing house

Driving her classmates around Southlake

Posing with her girlfriends- Sophia and Avery

Today we are busy getting ready for Maisy's baptism. It will be held tomorrow at White's Chapel at the 11am service. Then we will have a small luncheon at the house afterwards. I have had Maisy's dress since July of last year. My mom bought it at Ella Bella and I cannot wait for her to wear it. 

Jeff is doing the 'real food' but I am excited to do some baking for the party. So he brought me home 2 boxes of cake mix and three cans of cream cheese icing. Can you guess what I am making? 

Yep! Cupcakes and cake balls. This time I am doing the cake balls with milk chocolate cake mix with milk chocolate almond bark. I think they are going to be delicious- chocolate on chocolate! The cupcakes are yellow cake with cream cheese icing- in case there are any guests who don't LOVE chocolate the way I do :)

Stay tuned for pictures of the sweet Maisy Lou all dressed up!

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see pics of Maisy in that pretty dress! I bet she was beautiful this morning. What a special day!


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