Monday, May 3, 2010

Arms By Your Side

Things are going well here. My sister Amanda just got in town today and my mom will be staying with us for the week too. I am still sore, but my stomach is not hurting as bad. I was even able to make it the whole day without any pain medication (besides Tylenol). I am really happy with the results, although I am still very swollen. My hernia repair seems to be healing well too. Sneezing hurts! And I am NOT too excited about having a swollen tummy!

I still haveto keep my arms by my side. You never realize how high everything in your house is until you physically can't reach for it. (clothes, cups, bowls, food etc.) It also makes it a bit difficult to do my hair. Jeff helped me wash and blow dry. And my dear friend Jennifer came over on Saturday and graciously backcombed my hair for me. I go back to  Dr. Yaker on Thursday for a re-check. After that I should be able to move my arms more, but still no lifting of my Maisy. 

I did make it out of the house on Sunday for Afton's Chapel Hill performance. Her little class sang two songs, then we toured her classroom, viewed art work and ate cookies. Afton loved sharing her school with Maisy, Grammy, Gramps and me. 

We also got to see her BF's classroom. Once again Jennifer and I dressed the girls alike. We seem to have the same taste in children's clothes--- good taste! Luckily, Afton was in hot pink and Vivi was in light pink. 

I am looking forward to spending time with my family this week. The girls and I will be in heaven with all of this extra help. 

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