Friday, April 30, 2010


Everything went great yesterday. We arrived at office at 7am and went back for surgery around 8:30. It seemed like it was over in the blink of an eye, we were home by 2pm. My mom and Jeff's mom kept the girls. So of course they were happy and well taken care of all day.

Jeff has been keeping me on pain meds. The only time I have really been in pain was this morning- after sleeping all night without taking my pills. So I have been re-medicated and I am feeling pretty good again. My chest doesn't really hurt, the muscles just feel sore- kid of like I worked out too hard. But my hernia repair is pretty uncomfortable. Although none of this compare to c-section recovery!

I go back in today for a re-check. I am hoping that some of my dressings can be removed so I can get a better look at the results.

I do want to say how much I appreciate everyone's help, sweet phone calls, and emails. And Jeff gets the "Dad of the Year" award for being such a rockstar!

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  1. First, love the recent pics of the house - Love when you post pics of that!!! Second, so jealous of your added curves!!! As soon as we're done having kids and I'm all done nursing (we have a debate on whether to go for 3 or stop at 2) then I'm going to go in to get a little "help." Hope your recovery is a piece of cake!!!


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