Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So we have been busy making our home more 'us'. We completed the paint and most of the decor inside. Then Jeff said, "When do I get to pick a project?" Apparently things like wing backs, mercury glass, and white painted furniture just weren't hitting his crafty button. That's when he looked outside.

We live in our pool in the summer. It is our outdoor living room. The calcium deposits on the old maroon brick drove him crazy. For two years, he scrubbed relentlessly on those old bricks. But that stubborn calcium didn't budge.

So he called and got bids for a pool face-lift. The bricks and tile were all removed in one day. I was impressed how easily those men destroyed our pool. Then beautiful Oklahoma flag stone was installed and as well as new larger tiles. The bigger the tiles- the less grout that is used. Lots of grout = bad, because grout can get grimy.

 I love the new look of the pool. It brings my design from the inside (neutrals/natural materials with dark accents) to our backyard. I only have a few photos of the finished product. My hubby has not finished the landscaping along the section of the fence that he replaced. So limited photography until then :)

On another note, I am having surgery on Thursday morning. After having my two precious girls and running, running, running- my figure isn't as a curvy as I would like. So I am having some curves added! While I am under, I am also having a small umbilical hernia repaired. When I was pregnant with Maisy, my abdominal muscles separated to accommodate my growing baby. This caused those muscles to become thinner and eventually made a small tear. (When I cough, my belly button pops in and out- yuck!)

Everyone in the family is pitching in to help out with the girls. Aunt Amanda is even flying in to stay with us for a while. I won't be able to lift Maisy for 2 weeks, so Amanda will be my lifter, mother's helper, and general 'life saver'. Wish me luck! I feel so fortunate to have such supportive family.

Oh and more happy news, my mom is moving back! She sold the farm in Idaho and is driving back to Texas as I type this. She and Dave close on their new home in Timarron on Thursday. Oh Happy Day!


  1. i am jealous!! no really, i'm full of envy. i'm having surgery friday to prevent further reproduction....i shall be getting curves hopefully before the end of the year! :)

    oh....and the pool looks great...but really i'm just jealous of the curves.


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