Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Four Year Old

I couldn't let Afton's fourth birthday pass without posting something sweet about her... here is a list of things that I adore about my girl at this age.

Ten Things I Love About You
1. My Afton, you are so enthusiastic. Each day is new opportunity for fun and learning. You grab every moment and make the best of it.

2. You are so kind. You always ask Daddy how his day was at work. You share with all of your heart. You think about others and their feelings. Your heart is so big.

3. You are so smart! My dear Afton, you already know most of your letters. You love to write your name and the names of all the people you love. You can count, articulate yourself, and sing beautiful songs.

4. Your laughter is like the ringing of bells. The sound of it makes Maisy giggle too!

5. You are beautiful- your hair is wheat blonde and long. You love it long. Your eyes are a brilliant blue- just Daddy's and Maisy.

6. You call me "Momma". I hope you always do that.

7. You are fast! I love that you can run like the wind. It is amazing to see how athletic you are. (Although sometimes you run away from me!)

8. You have a nuturing personality. You love playing babies and taking care of your sister. Your favorite games are playing teacher, mommy, or Barbie family.

9. You are so social. You love meeting new people and going new places. Shyness is not a problem!

10. You are a good person and you try your best each day. I am so proud of you my Afton.

And here is a look at the some moments from the past 4 years with our miracle.

PS- Here are a few shots of the new paint in our home. 

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