Monday, November 2, 2009

Almost A Month

Maisy will be 4 weeks old on Wednesday. She is such a sweet baby. Although she is having more periods of being awake, she is still a rather sleepy girl. At night, her only demand is to be cuddled while snoozing. So I have taken to 'sleeping' sitting up in bed. She is an excellent eater and nurses about every 3 hours. Maisy is still wearing newborn clothes- but has a large wardrobe awaiting her once she grows into it. I love having a newborn again. Her quiet way of studying faces and the world around makes me think she'll be a thoughtful child. And her sleepy smiles that reveal a faint dimple in her left cheek are a sure sign that she will be full of joy.

My goal is take her picture once a month in the nursery rocker. I had a friend that did something similar and it was neat way to see how fast baby grows. (Behind Maisy is the beautiful blanket that Jeff's sisters and Mom had made for me. It is pink on pink, with words that describe me a mom embroidered along the edges. I love it!)

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