Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peek a Boo

Maisy is just one month away from her big birthday. She is cruising, crawling, scooting- but not yet walking. She babbles all day and signed 'daddy' last week. She likes to point at things and I tell her their names. She loves to eat bread, pancakes, baby cheetoh's, pizza crust, grapes and peaches. She is a good lil napper, but a 'sensitive' sleeper (if anything is just a bit off- she will wake up and let me know!)

Her favorite game is peek-a-boo. She crawls to the curtains

and hides

until I find her!

We are planning a 'vintage cowgirl' party for Maisy Lou. So we took her to Nash farm and took some pictures of her in boots for the invitation. I love this baby- such a sweet disposition.

Afton had her first soccer game on Saturday.

At her age, they have a 30-minute practice and then a 30-minute game. So it is only a one hour commitment, once a week. The teams are made up of 3 boys and 3 girls.

When the game starts, it is 3 on 3 - and the kids rotate in and out, so they don't get too tired. Score is not kept, instead the goal is really to make contact with the ball.

Afton looked adorable of course.

She loved the practice- running drills and kicking the ball with friends.

But she was disappointed when the game started and the other team 'wouldn't share'!!! What was even more hilarious was that the other team only had 3 kids- a girl and two boys. And I swear those two boys were from Brazil or something- they were awesome. They played the whole time- never taking a break and scoring on us over and over again. Afton got a bit frustrated and ended up crying. I guess it didn't help that it was about 100 degrees outside. But she is excited to give it another shot again this weekend. I think now that she knows what to expect (that the kids won't share the ball during the game) that she will have more fun :)

Jeff and I went to Dave Matthews on Saturday.

We had a great time. But I think I am getting old, the dirty drunk kids just weren't as funny to me as they used to be... *sigh*.

Luckily the music was good and and I loved having a date night with my hubby!

Jeff 'intently' listening to the concert. (He loved me taking this picture!)

This weekend is another busy one- and I am running a 10K on Saturday- wish me luck!


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