Monday, December 6, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

It really is! Look at all the fun we've been having...

We went to the Parade of Lights with our good friends. We got to the parade about an hour early and had a Chick-fil-A picnic. And everyone, from the smallest baby to the biggest dads, had a blast.
 You have to take pictures fast with this group! Smile...
 and then they're gone!

 Afton is the perfect age for Christmas. Her belief in miracles is unwavering.  The other day she asked me how reindeer fly and I simply said "Magic".  Her response was "Oh magic." That was it. No follow-up questions, nothing.  Magic is enough for her. I love it!

We also went to the Santa Claus Pancake Breakfast at church. Santa has celebrity status with Afton. She can hardly make eye-contact with him. Maisy on the other hand, thinks Santa is scary!

Don't worry- she calmed right down when I pulled her off his lap! And to make up for it, I gave her a cookie :)

We had such a lovely time and are looking forward to discovering more Christmas 'magic' this season.

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