Monday, September 29, 2014

Bible Presentation

At our church, 3rd Grade is when you are presented with your very own 'big' bible. I still have my bible from childhood and I had given it to Afton to use. So she was thrilled that she would receive her very own bible- that had her name in it :)

The ceremony was held outside before church. You can see Maisy and Molly watching the event from their seats :) 

Each child introduced themselves and said something that they enjoy doing. 'I'm Afton Conner and I like to draw!' Pastor Meredith Bell is a special friend, I am so glad she was there! 

There are so many church friends we have known since preschool. 

Afton and Landry (plus the rest of the 3rd grade class) proceeded into big church where they sat together and were recognized during the service. I hope someday, Afton will pass her bible to her own daughter. 

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