Friday, October 7, 2016

Summer/Early Fall Pics I Never Posted :)

Since I take SO many pics, sometimes a few get lost in the shuffle. Here are some favorites from summer/early fall that never got posted.

MP Cheer Pep Rally 

Fancy Tea Party with just us chickens. 

Rough life. 

All dressed up for church. 

The time we got to play with Marlowe all day since her momma was a having a new baby. 

Kindergarten friends- randomly ran into them at Urban Air. Yay! 

Firth Grade Mixer before school started. 

Back to School Dinner 

New cousin Hawkins!! 

Ready for school. 

Making mashed tatos. 

I am teaching this year! Two days a week preschool in a class of 12 three year olds. Yes it is fun! 

Afton went to cheer camp for Labor Day. 

Me & Maisy like each other... a lot! 

Scenes from camp. 

The moms hanging out while the girls are at cheer camp. 

Jeff & I got a date!! 

Life is good. 

Maisy and Lila :) 

Future GHS cheerleaders. 
I presented at Pinner's Conference. It was actually pretty amazing. 
My dedicated helpers. 
Presenting for Ikea! 

My Pinner's class. 

My favorite Friday night friends.

5th & 6th grade MP Cheerleaders. 

How can all of this happened since August?! Time is flying.

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