Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cowboys Stadium

School has gone well all week long. I have to admit getting up so early has been an effort. Who knew our preschool schedule was so great?! But Maisy and I have been able to get a lot done each day- considering we are ready to rock and roll after we drop Afton off at 7:40 :)

This week will be a bit different because now Afton will be on her 'real school schedule'- going from 7:45- 2:45. No more half days. But my positive girl is excited to eat lunch at school and buy her first cafeteria meal. Being in Kindergarten, her lunch time is at 10:30! Luckily, they have an afternoon snack at 12:30.

I have been pleasantly surprised how well Afton has adjusted to the new school and new friends. I managed to sink myself into a horrible funk- sobbing each day. But I am hoping to be more like Afton this week and make the best of our new adventure.


On Saturday the Grapevine Colleyville Texans played at Cowboys Stadium. Afton and her squad got to cheer too. We had a great time touring the stadium and locker rooms.

Striking a pose with Daddy...

and then sweet Maisy Lou wanted a turn. 

Before our game started, Afton threw the ball around with the cutest little 3 year old boy.

I love a cheerleader that can throw the ball too!

Finally the game started. Afton was lucky enough to have a complete entourage (family) who came to see her cheer at the big game. We had a blast watching our little girl perform with her squad.

 This was my 'cheering debut' too- I am coaching her squad this year :)

The game was a success and we are 'fired up' for a fabulous season. 
Hope you have a 'spirited' week!

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