Sunday, August 21, 2011

Texan Cheer

"What about, what about, what about our color shout?!"

 This year Afton will be cheering for the Texans! The cheer program is part of the Grapevine Colleyville Youth Football Association. All week long she had camp at the high school- such a trooper cheering out in this crazy heat. It was so fun watching her learn the cheers and make new friends.

The girls will have cheer practice each week and then preform weekly at the games. And guess who's coaching - me! I couldn't miss an opportunity to be with my girl. 

At the end of the camp, the girls performed their cheers. Then they were each presented with a medal. The Cheer Coordinator told Afton she was proud of her for using such a big loud voice and always having a smile :)

The ice cream truck showed up too and each girl got an ice cream cone- even Maisy. It was pretty much a perfect night for Afton.

Think Maisy likes ice cream? Ha!

I bet by the end of the season, Maisy might know all the cheers too.

Tomorrow morning we start Kindergarten. We are excited for new adventures and a great year!

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