Monday, August 22, 2011

Afton goes to Kindergarten

Well the first day was finally here. Afton was surprised she had to get up so early! But she was smiling and excited.

She got dressed in a new outfit and picked out an accessory- a denim vest :) Maisy of course dressed for the occasion too. It's not everyday your sister starts Kindergarten!  After a quick breakfast of Shredded Mini Wheats and strawberries, we decided to take a few photos outside.

Maisy wanted in on the fun too...

Mind you, Maisy is not actually going to school. But she seemed to enjoy pretending :)

Finally Daddy got in on a few too.

We arrived at school and snapped a few more of course!

And when we picked her up, all smiles! It was great first day. 

She can't wait to go back tomorrow.  And you will be happy to know that I didn't cry at all... today :)

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