Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day in Galveston

Two weeks into school and we were ready for a break! Luckily Labor Day appeared and Jeff's family had made plans to gather in Galveston for Mimi's 60th birthday celebration.

So Mimi, GranDanny, Jessie, Jenn, Jeff - spouses and kiddos rented a beach house. There were 8 adults and 4 kids total!

We spent three days playing, cooking, eating, and laughing.

 Jessie made a special birthday dinner and cupcakes to celebrate Mimi's birthday.

They were a hit with everyone! 

The beach was perfect for this gang.

Luke was our runner.

Afton was our digger. 

 Maisy was our surfer. 


And Analeigh was our diva !

The boys made their own fun... 

 as boys tend to do!

 And there were lots of sweet family moments.

At night, the tide went out and left us with lots of sand to explore. We wandered around with flash lights and found hermit crabs and conch shells.

Happy Birthday Mimi- we love you!

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