Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5th of Week School - We Made It!

Yesterday started the 5th week of school. Can you believe it? Afton has been in school for over a month! And it literally took four weeks for us both to adjust. First she was fine and I was a wreck. Then she was crazy sad about going. I can't tell you how many times I played with the idea of picking her up and starting my own home school! But as with everything- it had to get worse before it got better. And then one morning she got out of the car without crying. So here we are week 5 and still in school. Yay for Afton! She has met some sweet friends, her teacher is a pro (with both kiddos and moms), and she is learning SO much.

kristie mills photography
kristie mills photography

kristie mills photography
While Afton is in school, Maisy and I keep busy. We do story time at the library, play dates, go to MOPS, and run outside.  I am enjoying this sweet time at home alone with her. I love the simplicity and joy of hanging out with a toddler. The littlest things delight her- going in and out of the playhouse, looking for rocks, and swinging. I have fallen in love all over again with my sweet baby. I am so thankful for this time.

Who doesn't love a girl who says that "No yike that!". She seriously says 'yike' instead of 'like'. Adorable! 

Friday we took the girls to GrapeFest. Before the rain hit, they rode some rides and then helped me 'carb load'. Maisy seems to have an adventurous spirit like Afton!

Saturday, my girl friends and I ran the Tour de Fleur 10K in Dallas. It was a great race- I averaged an 8:28 minute mile.  I finished 12th in my class and placed 162 out of 1531 runners. Then we all enjoyed a few Blue Moons in celebration. I am so blessed to know these running girls. Run to stay sane, race to stay sharp!

Cheers to fall- a chance for new challenges, fun with family and friends, plus cooler weather!

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