Thursday, April 9, 2015

March 2015

March was a fun month! We had a little fun with St.Patrick's Day-- gotta love being a Conner girl :)

Maisy enjoyed being outside again- I think we all needed warm weather and sunshine! 

Afton performed in the Talent Show at school. She was awesome! She and a few MP friends performed a dance/cheer to "Its A Hard Knock Life". 

Afton also started playing Volleyball. Such a fun sport! 

The girls and I had some tasty 'day dates' :) I always thought I would be 'less busy' when they got in school. But now I feel like the need me more and more. (and that's a pretty good feeling!)

Maisy dressed up as a golfer for sports day-- who knows, maybe she will play one day! 

And she got her first modeling job. As Cinderella no less. 

It was a good month. 

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