Monday, February 8, 2010

Maisy Lou is 4 Months & The Super Bowl Party

My sweet Maisy Lou is now 4 months old. Bless her heart, these past 10 days have been rough on her. She is keeping a happy heart through all the coughing, ear infections, medicines, and gooey nose wiping. But she has been extra tender and often needed to be held all night. Good thing for my comfy rocker!

She is growing and changing each day. Maisy now smiles and talks at length to anyone with a kind face. When I go into her room at night for a feeding, she lights up the room with her gummy grin.

She has been enjoying sitting up a lot in her Bumbo chair. Her favorite thing to do still includes sucking on her hands. Sometimes she gets lucky and ends up chewing on her bib. Since there is always some commotion in our home, Maisy likes to be right in the middle of it. Afton is a constant source of entertainment for us all!

Maisy is still on the petite side. With her nasty rsv, she has not had much of an appetite. She only weighs 11lbs. 10 oz and is 22.5 inches long which puts her in the 5 percentile. But she is wearing size 3-6 months clothes- which is fun- new outfits! (And she looks just like Afton did at this age, although a bit bigger. Afton only weighed in at 12 pounds at 6 months.)

Afton continues to be the Best Big Sister. She is always on hand to sing Maisy a song or fetch me a burp cloth. She told me the other day, "I'm glad we have a baby."

Afton has been keeping busy with school, gymnastics, lots of friends and now "Barbie fever". She loves going upstairs and playing with her Barbies and the dollhouse that Santa brought her. I love sneaking up the stairs and watching her play.

The other day she had the "mom and dad" Barbie moving the couch around the dollhouse. They were saying "this couch is heavy, careful, put the couch here." It is so amazing to see how her imagination has blossomed.  I am also happy that she is able to play independently for small periods during the day.

On Sunday we hosted a Super Bowl party for the Saints. I made a few decorations and Jeff cooked up a big pot of shrimp. We had about 20 adults and 10 kids over to our house.

The men stayed outside to monitor the shrimp and watch the game.

The kiddos ran in and out, jumping in the bounce house, playing with toys, and eating lots of yummy food.

I made Maisy a onesie to match Afton's and then Val had me make shirts for her boys. It was so cute to see them in their fleur di lis shirts( although I could never get them all together for a picture.)

The party was a lot of fun, especially since our team won. Jeff could not have been more proud of his Saints.

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