Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vacation in Grapevine

Well for those of you who had asked me a few weeks ago how everyone was feeling, remember I said the girls were all healthy at the moment. That moment has since passed. We spent Spring Break fighting an ear infection in Maisy that got so bad, her ear drum burst. I was horrified! And Afton spent the weekend with stomach flu. No one in our house slept much Friday night. I am so frustrated at how many times my girls have been sick this year. One of the reasons I keep them home with me is because I have always felt they would be exposed to less illness. Now look at us- a regular germ factory. Is this just what happens to child #2?

But on the bright side- we are getting our house painted this week. Jeff and I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning out all of kitchen cupboards, taking everything off the walls, and moving most of the furniture into the center of the rooms. Starting Monday, the painting will begin.

I figured it might be a bit difficult keeping Afton out of the paint, so we have packed up and traveled to the other side of Grapevine to stay at my Dad's house. It is pretty good timing- he and Tricia will be in Utah skiing with my siblings- so we have the house to ourselves. It kinda feels like a vacation. No house cleaning or chores (of course laundry will need to be done). And for some reason it feels more relaxed over here. I didn't even bring a to-do list. When we get home on Friday, our newly painted house will be done.

I took a ton of 'before' pictures, so I will post those with the 'afters' next week, once I get everything back into place. :) 

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