Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maisy at 5 months and More!

This post is filled with lots of random information and pictures....Enjoy!

I am a bit late with this, but Miss Maisy is already 5 months old!

We love our baby girl more and more. She has quite the personality now.

 She has a sense of humor and laughs when Afton sings funny songs or talks in a silly voice. She can roll from her tummy to her back. (Which makes me laugh because she hates being on her tummy and now she just flips over whenever we try and do tummy time.) She is almost able to sit up on her own too.

 Everything she gets in her hands, goes into her mouth. She continues to be my mellow girl- happy to be held and snuggled.

My mom's ten day trip sadly came to an end on Wednesday. But, we loved our time with Grammy. 

It was so nice to have my mom here. We played, talked and just enjoyed being together. Afton celebrated her birthday early with Grammy and got "The Swan Palace"- the perfect doll castle for my princess. Come back soon Grammy! 

And since Jeff is Irish, we had to pay homage to his heritage. So, we took Maisy with us out to Dallas for the St. Patty's celebrations. Our friends, Eric and Diana live on the M-Streets, the perfect location for celebrating without the craziness of Greenville.

And we have been been loving the warmer weather. Here are a few pics of us enjoying spring in Texas. 

(This picture makes me think we are going to be in trouble when Afton hits 16!)

Finally, my Crafty Texas Girls has picked up again. Now that the girls are napping well, I have time to make tutus and bows again. Here is my big order from Ella Bella for Easter tutus. I am finally attaching a label to my creations too- kinda fun seeing my business name in print :) 

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