Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Girl is Doing Well!

I am happy to report that Maisy did well last night and is going to be okay! (Although she has a wicked case of diaper rash.) Apparently the fact that I mixed the medicine with formula helped. However I could smell the antibiotic on her today- it was like it was coming out of her pores and out through her urine.

CVS has called and apologized again. They said they will take care of this.

But, I am filing a complaint with the state, I want to make sure that this never happens to anyone else. If the medication had been given to her by itself or if she had been given two doses, her little body would not have been able to function.

It was definitely a "God Moment". Thank you for all the prayers, kind words and positive thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. I am so glad she is doing well. Parenting can sometimes be very scary - you were right to listen to the voice inside of you. Everytime I have - I have been glad did!
    So happy it worked out!


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