Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Mini-Vacation

Jeff had to be in California for a meeting, so we decided to make a little trip out of it. I flew up to San Francisco on Thursday evening and we stayed in the city for the weekend.

The trip started out a bit crazy, a woman who had a suitcase similar to mine, actually took my suitcase. Then she drove 3 hours to Fresno before she realized what had happened. Thankfully it was finally returned to me late Friday afternoon!

We spent the weekend at the usual tourist spots. We toured Alcatraz.

Rode the cable cars.

Ate in China Town.

And when the rain settled in, we took in the museums. I missed seeing "Jean Paul Gaultier" when his collections came to Dallas, so I was glad to see his exhibit in San Francisco. Wow!

 Lots of modern art.

We walked a lot, ate a lot, and talked a lot too. But for me, the highlight of the trip was biking 8 miles from San Francisco, across the Golden Gate, down into Sausalito. We had lunch there and then rode the ferry back across the bay. It was beautiful.

My mom and sisters had the girls while we were gone. They were kind enough to keep them in our home and run them around town to Girl Scouts, soccer, school, even the Easter egg hunt at church.

We had an amazing time. I missed the girls, but I came back feeling re-charged and re-energized. It was just the break I needed.... now back to keeping up with this busy bunch!

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